How to Buy a Back Painted Glass Backsplash

Before you buy it is important to learn How to Buy a Back Painted Glass Backsplash ?

There are a lot of great reasons why back painted glass backsplashes are the right choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

We will cover the most important steps to follow as you learn how to buy a back painted glass backsplash ?

What is a Back Painted Glass Backsplash?

A back painted glass backsplash is glass that has been painted on one side with an opaque color and is applied to a wall surface usually above a kitchen or bathroom counter.

A backsplash is used to protect (and now decorate) the wall behind wet work areas in kitchens and bathrooms.

Before you buy it is important to learn how to buy a back painted glass backsplash.

You have probably seen colored glass walls or glass table tops in decorator interior design magazines or websites. You may have seen dry erase glass marker boards in office environments or shower doors that have been painted with and Acid Etched coating.

Back painted interior glass is becoming more popular in residential and commercial applications because of the unlimited color range and it is very easy to keep clean.

What makes Glass Paint different from solvent based or Latex wall paint?

The backsplash should be painted with a paint product chemically formulated to bond to glass.

There are back painted glass backsplash providers that still use standard latex paint.

Why is this wrong?

If you don’t use glass paint that is chemically formulated to bond to glass it may separate from the glass and create a visual disaster in your kitchen or bathroom.

If the glass paint is not bonded to the glass or the adhesion fails the glass the glass could separate from the wall and fall and break or injure someone.

Always ask your contractor if the glass paint they use includes an “Adhesion Promoter”.

There are two choices of glass paint; Solvent Borne and, the more environmental and user friendly, Water Borne.

What Type of Glass Should be used for Back Painted glass?

Back painted backsplashes are normally made from clear low iron non pattern glass.

Clear low iron glass is the most colorless or clear glass available. Low iron glass is absent of ingredients that add a slight green color to glass.

Did you you know that there are different types of clear glass?

It is very important to understand what clear glass types are available while you learn how to buy a back painted glass backsplash ?

Clear or Low-Iron glass are generally the choices available.

It is important for the Contractor to know where they bought the glass from and for you to keep a record in case the backsplash breaks.

The primary Float Glass manufacturers in North America are:

  1. AGC Glass Co. North America
  2. Cardinal FG Company
  3. Guardian Industries
  4. Pilkington North America
  5. PPG Industries

If you try to replace the backsplash glass, and even if you use the same glass paint, the clear glass color varies by manufacturer which will change the appearance or color of the back painted glass.

So make sure you know who the primary glass manufacturer is in case you need to replace a piece of glass.

For example some manufacturers glass has a stronger green tint than others.

The green tint will change the color of the back-painted glass when viewed through the glass.  Contact us for clarification.

Before you buy it is important to learn how to buy a back painted glass backsplash.

Can my New Back Painted Glass Backsplash be any Custom Color I want?

Glass Paint Technology takes great pride in our state of the art color matching technology. We can match to any National Brand paint manufacturer, Pantone Color System and physical samples you may have.

You have addition color coating options to choose from:


An unlimited range of colors are available using the GPT Color Matching System.


Our silver metallic base used in conjunction with our range of GPT “tinters” will produce an infinite range of luster colors.


A wide range of colors in any level of translucency can be applied to the glass and then PVB, EVA and or liquid pour laminated.


Vibrant UV stable finishes are available. Patterns and designs can be achieved through masking techniques.

Request a Color Match Sample

Once you have selected your color it is important that you request a color match sample from the contractor you choose to work with.

Color match samples may require a fee paid to the contractor.

When you evaluate your sample make sure you are in the kitchen or bathroom where the backsplash will be installed.

Look at the color with natural light and the artificial light in the room to make sure the color is exactly what you want.

If you approve this sample you will keep it and use it to compare to the completed back painted backsplash.

How to Find a Contractor to Manufacture and Install the Back Painted Glass Backsplash?

Isn’t technology great? Go to your computer and use Google to search for “Glass Backsplash”. A number of choices will appear for your glass project.

Select the top 4 “Organic” results – not guys who pay for ads.

Check out their website and see if they have a showroom and visit them. Look at their reviews and eliminate contractors with poor reviews. Do you want to hire someone that has a 3 out of 5 rating?

Make sure you get a minimum of 3 proposals so you can compare.

This is your opportunity to ask all your questions – before you give the contractor any money.

Ask them how they get the work done. Who is performing the work; the Contractor’s employee or a sub-contractor.

Employees tend to be more connected with the Contractor’s methods. Sub-contractor’s are in place to control costs and as overflow labor and don’t always have the same commitment as the primary contractor.

Remember this is a very small niche trade so it is not unreasonable to expect the Contractor to have his own employees.

Before you buy it is important to learn how to buy a back painted glass backsplash.

Ask these questions about the contractors business:

  1. Is the Contractor Licensed to work in your area, and are they bonded and insured. Before you give them a deposit get a Contractor Certificate of Insurance form.
  2. What is the Contractors Better Business Bureau rating?
  3. What is the Contractor’s Google review rating? Hint – are the reviews from real people?
  4. How many Glass backsplashes have they installed?
  5. Make sure you sign-off on a layout of the back painted glass backsplash to verify where the joints are. Hint; you want as few joints as possible. Joints normally occur at cutouts.
  6. Ask for a copy of the Contract you will sign.
  7. Is a deposit required with the order.
  8. Who is performing the work; the Contractor’s employee or a sub-contractor.
  9. Tell the Contractor the “Ground Rules” of working in your home. For example it may not be ok to start work at 6 a.m. (for obvious reasons).
  10. Make sure you know what your responsibilities are. What must be removed from the room? What type of access does the Contractor require? Don’t leave anything to chance.

Before you buy it is important to learn how to buy a back painted glass backsplash.

Ask the contractor these questions about the product they will manufacture and install:

  1. What type of Glass Paint do they use? If the answer is vague ask them who the manufacturer is. Hint: there are not many manufacturers in North America. There are many manufacturers in China and India that do not manufacture to North American manufacturer standards so beware.
  2. What type of glass do they use – generic clear or low-iron? You want the name of the primary glass manufacturer in case of future breakage.
  3. Does the contractor have a color approval process.
  4. What color choices do they offer?
  5. Thickness of glass recommended? Hint: 6mm or 1/4″ is the standard.
  6. Glass color – will it be generic clear or low-iron?
  7. Will tempered or annealed glass be provided?
  8. Glass is attached to the wall using what method? Hint: Silicone Low-Acid Neutral-Cure.
  9. Cutouts for electrical outlets – how do they handle them?
  10. What are the glass edge finishing options? Hint: Flat edge polish for any exposed edges and arised or hand polished at cutouts and concealed edges.

How to Buy a Back Painted Glass Backsplash Checklist ?

  1. Choose Your Backsplash Color.
  2. Take measurements, length x height, identify cutouts.
  3. Then Interview Contractors, visit showroom and ask business and product questions (use list identified earlier in this article).
  4. Finally, you Evaluate a minimum of 3 Contractors and don’t always buy the low price!

Now you have completed your research and learned ? How to Buy a Back Painted Glass Backsplash ?