Professional Services for Professional Glass Paint Products!

Are you just getting started and have the need for our glass paint products, or if you already manufacture back painted glass? Learn why you want to upgrade and convert to GPT’s professional quality products and support. You need professional services for professional glass paint products and the expertise to help your business grow today!

Professional Colour Matching

It’s all about color, and at GPT, we utilize laboratory quality instruments and software to accurately measure every colour match we perform. There are usually several colorant combinations that can be used to achieve the desire color and each will have its “plusses and minuses” which affect the final match. At GPT we always produce matches that are below DE 1.0. While consequently optimizing for minimal metamerism (change in perceived color due to difference in light source), ideal opacity, and low cost for our customers.

On-Site Application Training

The outcome of your back-paint project relies on a consistent and evenly applied application of the paint. That’s why we offer professional services for professional glass paint products for you and your painter – On-Site Application Training. Professional training shortens your learning curve dramatically.

Our professionals review each step of the application process, using your equipment. Simultaneously teach you the techniques we developed while manufacturing hundreds of thousands of square feet of back painted glass. In effect, your training is complete in each aspect of producing a first class professional back-paint job.

Paint Shop and Process Design

Every customer we work with has unique conditions to their glass paint manufacturing facility. To Design the most profitable work flow, best suited to your individual circumstances is the objective of the GPT Technicians. Critical start-up from delivery of raw materials, handling, colour matching, pigment dispensing, paint preparation and mixing to spray gun selection. We optimize drying techniques, edging and clean-up to ensure repeatable quality results. These considerations always include using the most cost efficient and safe methods.

We have designed and implemented shop layouts and equipment selections for customers across North America. And each facility is unique for each manufacturer. You too can take advantage of our expertise and optimize your environment with Professional Services for Professional Glass Paint Products by working directly with the GPT experts – Contact us Now!