Replacing Back Painted Glass

Anyone who has ever worked with glass before knows one thing: it breaks and replacing back painted glass is not uncommon.

How to Prepare for Replacing Back Painted Glass

No matter how careful we are there is always going to be that one broken piece and the same goes if it is back painted.  Here are some things to keep in mind when replacing back painted glass, especially pieces that are side-by-side:

Do your best to use the exact same glass

This is extremely important.  Even if it is all technically “low-iron” glass, different sources can sometimes have slightly different tints.  It’s always best to have the same glass supplier for the same jobs.


Use the EXACT same paint

Glass Paint Technology keeps a physical sample of EVERY color that ever leaves our shop and we store it for at least 10 years.  We do this to make sure our customers always get the exact color they ordered, even if they ask for it more than once.


Use the same painting process

If you rolled on our water-base product before, but since bought a spray gun, go back to using the roller for the replacement piece.  Even though this probably wouldn’t make a difference, you always want to try and keep things as consistent as possible.


Make sure you shake the paint well

Seems like a simple step, but sometimes it can make all the difference especially if you’re using your old paint which hasn’t been touched for a while.  You are trying to exactly match the old color and every little step helps keep the consistency.


Use the same silicone to install

You don’t want to have any surprises once you install.  Low-acid, neutral cure silicone is the best way to install our product.


Use the EXACT same process as original install

Color means everything in these installs and you don’t want to change anything to effect that.  Making sure you do all the little and big things the same will give you a clean, dependable and consistent product which you can always be comfortable installing.


For more tips, please contact our experts at GPT who have guided people through replacement pieces before.


Replacement Piece, Same Result

Replacement Piece, Same Result

First Piece Before Break

First Piece Before Break