Back Painted Glass Silicone

To complete a profession installation you need to know what kind of back painted glass silicone product to use with back painted glass.

Back Painted Glass Silicone GPT Recommends

Low-Acid Neutral-Cure

When used properly, any silicone that is a low-acid neutral-cure will not compromise the finished product when installing back-painted glass. Two specific examples of these silicones are:

1) Sikasil SG10

Link to the product specifications here

2) CR Lawrence RTV Neutral Cure Clear

Link to the product specifications here.

The pictures below show a low acid, neutral cure silicone applied between our VIRIDITY-KOTE® (water-based) product and wood.

Silicone on glass 2

Back-Painted Silicone



Before applying silicone make sure:

Paint is sufficiently opaque

Paint is given acceptable time to cure

Disclaimer: Always follow silicone manufacturer’s instructions and test your application before final installation of product.