How to Paint Glass for Back Painted Glass Applications

Decorative glass as an architectural feature is becoming more popular with Architects, Designers and building owners.

Typical applications are kitchen or washroom glass backsplash or back painted glass feature walls.

Owners enjoy the relatively low cost per square foot and ease of maintenance.

How does growth in back painted glass applications affect Glass Shops?

It is remarkably simple to paint glass for most back painted applications.

Water based paint is the simplest back paint to use in terms of application and clean-up. You can clean up with soap and water.

If you choose to use solvent based paint you will need more sophisticated equipment to manage the application and disposal processes to paint glass for back paint applications.

For low volume production; glass paint can be applied using a hand held 3/8″ nap paint roller or high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer.

HVLP Paint Sprayer Valianto W77-S

As you grow your back painted glass sales you should invest in an open face paint booth to control ventilation and dust.

How to Paint Glass for Back Paint Applications FAQ’s

Is the Glass Paint and Glass affected by Temperature and Humidity?

Yes the glass paint and glass must be at least 50F (10C) and at least 5F (3C) above the dew point ( The atmospheric temperature (varying according to pressure and humidity) below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form.

What Glass Surface Preparation is Required?

Use ‘000’ steel wool or finer and then clean with commercial glass cleaner. Make sure any remaining cleaner residue is removed from the glass surface.

How do we prepare the Water Based Paint for application?

Measured by weight add 10% thinner and 2% adhesion promoter and mix the combination very well.

What are the HVLP Spray Gun settings for applying GPT VK HC Glass Paint?

Set pressure to 35-40 psi, Nozzle Tip 1.5-2.0 mm and Fan Width at Wide Open.

How thick should we apply the GPT VK HC?

Best practice depends on the color, opacity requirements and relative humidity – 1-5 mil per coat. Allow the coat to fully flash before applying the second and subsequent coats.

How long does it take the GPT VK HC Glass Paint to Cure?

The paint coating will be dry to touch in approximately 30 minutes, dry to handle in 2 hours and a full cure in 2 to 3 days. You can force cure with a heat source at 250-300F for approximately 20 minutes.

What other Equipment do we need to Paint Glass

If you have small projects that will use less than a quart of paint you will need scales and measuring cups so you can mix the paint with the correct ratio of thinner and adhesion promoter. We can help you with the tools you need to complete most tasks.

How do I Color Match for Customer Requirements?

We have the color match expertise check out this detailed article on color matching.