How To Make The Brightest White Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

One thing that every magnetic glass whiteboard producer has in common is that every company wants to promote the brightness of their glass whiteboards.

At GPT, we tell producers of glass whiteboards that having the right back paint for your whiteboard is one of the key components of making it as bright as possible along with glass, adhesives and magnetic backer.

In this blog post we will explore the best ways to make the brightest glass whiteboard along with some of the common mistakes we see.

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1. Select Your Glass

– Since the glass is what will darken the color the most, it is very important you select the best quality low-iron possible. This will allow as much of the back paints true color to shine through on the glass side of the whiteboard.  To find out more about the difference between low-iron and standard clear glass, this blog does a good job explaining.
– Tempered glass is the best option for whiteboard production due to the strength and safety it will provide the finished product. If the glass breaks it will shatter into many little pieces instead of sharp shards that can harm someone.
– ¼ inch glass thickness is the most commonly used for whiteboards. The edges will also need to be polished for visual appeal and safety.
– For installation, pre-drilled holes can be cut so that mounting devices can securely lock your glass whiteboard into the wall.

2. Select The Right Coating

– GPT provides both water-based and solvent-based glass coatings for whiteboard production.
– Ask about our proprietary “cool white” for an easy on the eyes whiteboard.
– No matter the volume of production, GPT’s coatings help speed up the process by providing opaque colors that can be applied in one coat.
– Our coatings are used in a variety of different application methods such as rolling, spraying by hand, spraying by machine, roll coating and curtain coating.
– GPT can match any color to make your boards as vibrant as possible.
– GPT’s coatings have a smooth, crisp outline that can be used for logo’s, artwork and any other branding needs.

3. Use a Tested Adhesive

– There are many different adhesives you can use to bond the painted glass to a metal backing. The most important thing to do is test whatever adhesive you plan to use.
– If an incompatible adhesive is chosen, it can darken your whiteboard and leave bleed through stains.
– Neutral cure, low-acid adhesives work best when adhering the coating to the metal.
– Silicone and adhesive tapes are the two most popular adhesives to use.
– Contact GPT and ask us about our lab tested adhesives that have been used in countless projects over the years.

4. Apply The Metal Backer

– When applying the metal backer, you want to make sure of a couple key things:
1. The coating is applied thick enough, so the metal backing doesn’t darken the color.
2. Test the metal backing to make sure rare-metal earth magnets can stick to the backing through the selected glass.
3. Make sure the metal backing is compatible with the adhesive tape or silicone you plan to use.

For specific color choices, samples and more specific advice including our “cool white” option contact Glass Paint Technology.

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