GoldGlass Automated Painting Line

With the GoldGlass Automated Painting Line you will dramatically increase production. And our statistics show that we will decrease your paint consumption by as much as 80%.

The GoldGlass Technologies glass painting machines are designed for various production requirements based on size and weight. GoldGlass Technologies Glass Drying Machine integrates seamlessly with the GoldGlass glass painting machines. The energy efficient glass drying machine helps cure your finished back-painted glass as fast and economically as possible.

Glass Paint Technology Inc. Water-Borne and Solvent Borne paint flows seamlessly through these professional grade high performance machines producing the best quality back-painted glass.

Benefit from Glass Paint Technology Inc. paint shop and process design. We design workflow based on water-borne and or solvent-borne back-painted glass production. We leverage decades of equipment and materials experience to create the most efficient and profitable design.

Glass Paint Technology Inc. On-Site Application Training shortens your learning curve and monetizes your equipment quickly. We offer one-on-one “Best Practices” training focused on water based and or solvent based back-painted glass production. Our objective is to save you valuable time by solving and preventing production problems.

For more information on this Equipment plus our On-Site Application Training and Paint Shop and Process Design services, don’t hesitate to Contact us or call us directly at 905-887-2377

GoldGlass Automated Painting Line