Back Painted Glass Color Match Expertise

Standard Color Back Painted Glass Color Match

Our computerized color match system provides the exact color match formula for over 200 of North America’s most recognized paint manufacturers.

Some of the largest paint manufacturers we have matches for are The Sherwin-Williams Co., The Valspar Corp., Benjamin Moore, the Behr Process Corp. etc.


Standard Color Back Painted Glass Color Match


Glass Paint Technology has several methods to provide standard color matches for back painted glass.

  1. We can provide our customer with premixed glass paint in the color match.  This makes it easy for our customer to receive the paint and trust it will be the correct color.  GPT keeps manual copies of all colors we match so repeatability will never be an issue.
  2. Once our customers become familiar with our back painted glass paint and process, we can provide formulas so color matches can be created in their manufacturing facility.  This improves turn around times and control to make only the paint quantity needed for the project. Please Contact Us to learn how to create color matches in your facility.

Custom Color Back Painted Glass Color Match

Any color not existing in our system can be easily matched with our state-of-the-art color measurement system.

Simply send us a sample of the color you want matched and we will provide a color match sample or back painted glass color match sample.

Painted glass samples can be used to show your customer what the color they have selected will look like through glass.


Custom Color Back Painted Glass Color Match


Again, our customer benefits from the consistency and repeatability of our computerized back painted glass color match system.

Glass Paint Technology can also match metallics, pearls and other specialty finishes.

If you need special effects samples please Contact Us.

Custom metallics and pearls can be a little tricky.

These colors are greatly depending on the shape and concentration of metallic flakes.

Different flakes bounce light off the glass in different ways, which can make an exact match difficult at times.


How to Pick a Back Painted Glass Color

You can identify the color you want by visiting any paint or home improvement retail location in North America.

You may want to purchase small quantities of paint in different colors you are considering.

Create some larger painted samples so you can evaluate your color choice.

You want to see color options on larger samples because they look darker than small samples the paint manufacturers provide.

Take the color samples to the location or room where the back painted glass will be installed and evaluate the color in natural light conditions at different times of the day and with artificial light (ideally the same artificial light used in the room) like incandescent, fluorescent or LED to name a few.


How to Pick a Back Painted Glass Color


We also offer special effect glass paint like Metallic, Frosted or Acid Etch.

We also have Translucent finishes with different tints and intensities.


All “Whites” are Not Created Equal

Standard Black and White is available and typically in stock.

If you have a preference for “White” send us a color code from any of the National Brand paint manufacturers.

This ensures you get exactly the “White” you want.

For example Sherwin-Williams has 6 Cool Whites and 6 Warm Whites and every one of the 200+ paint manufacturers have their own “White” selection.

So there are hundreds of standard “White” colors available from our 200+ paint manufacturers.


Back Painted Glass Color Match Expertise All "Whites" are Not Created Equal


Your computer monitor will not give you a true representation of a color.

Acquire a manufacturer’s sample of your intended color before you order custom-tinted glass paint.

When choosing a color, it is also important to keep in mind that a color on a screen will look different than colors in person.

The gloss has a big effect on how a color will appear.

High gloss finishes will reflect a lot of light, meaning the brighter the environment you are viewing the sample, the brighter the light reflection will be, masking the true color.

If the sample is a matte finish, less light will be reflected and presents a more accurate true color.

A good way to make sure fluorescent lighting isn’t making your sample appear different is to always view the sample in the sunlight.

Every office or warehouse has slightly different lighting, however the sun is the same no matter where you are.

When viewing a color or comparing a color, always make sure you are looking at them in the sunlight for a true representation of the color.


How Natural and Artificial Light Affects Color

As you go through the color selection process it is important to understand how light and color interact and affect what you “see”.

The colors you see are affected by two main factors:

  1. Light Source – There are many different artificial light sources like incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and LED (Light Emitting Diode). Artificial light has different color temperatures. For example LED tends to look more “White” than traditional incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs traditionally create a “warmer” or yellow light. Natural light changes throughout the day as the position of the Sun changes, clouds, season, room location like North facing or South facing etc.
  2. Color – Colors look differently because different colors absorbs light differently. For example, white does not absorb light but black absorbs all colors and blue absorbs red.

Finally, it is very important to test a back painted glass sample in the various rooms the finish product will be installed.

Designers and stakeholders need to satisfy themselves that colors selected will work in the environment.


Glass Type Selection

Use Low-Iron or “Starphire” glass for the best, most optically pleasing result and offer the lowest back painted glass color distortion.

It is best practice to use the same glass type for samples as you are for the project.


Back Painted Glass Color Match Expertise

Photo Credit Fusion Glassworks


For example, low-iron glass from different manufacturer sources can create color variances.

When using off-whites and colors where the tinting is very delicate, this can be the difference in a color being slightly off.

Always use the same glass type and manufacturer for samples as you will use for the job.

Use this checklist as you go through your color selection process:

  1. Select a color from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, or any major paint store/brand
  2. Once you select a color, determine if it is necessary to view it through the glass.
  3. Contact Us to order painted glass samples and provide color code, total square footage of job and type of glass.
  4. Use the painted glass sample to determine color distortion created by the glass and edit the color if necessary.

At Glass Paint Technology we work to create the Best Quality when providing our Back Painted Glass Color Match.