Back Painted Glass Silicone

In order to finish the job professionally you need to know what kind of back painted glass silicone product to use when installing back painted glass.

Back Painted Glass Silicone GPT Recommends

Low-Acid Neutral-Cure

When used properly, any silicone that is a low-acid neutral-cure will not compromise the finished product when installing back-painted glass. Two specific examples of these silicones are:

1) Sikasil SG10

2) CR Lawrence RTV Neutral Cure Clear

The pictures below show a low acid, neutral cure silicone applied between our VIRIDITY-KOTE® (water-based) product and wood.

Silicone on glass 2

Back-Painted Silicone









Before applying silicone make sure:

Paint is sufficiently opaque

Paint is given acceptable time to cure

Disclaimer: Always follow silicone manufacturer’s instructions.